Board of Directors

Meet our Current Board Members

Zach Caruth

Executive Director

I am passionate about serving the Lord wherever He leads me. After graduating high school I was on a mission trip in Panama when the Lord called me to start Harvest of Generosity. Though I did not have a huge interest in gardening and agriculture before I started the ministry, God has since given me that passion. I love gardening! I love growing things! And I love Kale! 

I also currently work at Tim Horton's and at Benjamin's Hope. Me and my fiancĂ©, Molly, are excited to see how God uses us to further His ministry and impact lives for eternity. 

Jonathan Verastegui

Board Member
I am Jonathan Verastegui. 23 years old. I have always liked to help out others ever since i was young. Having an opportunity to serve on the board for harvest is a great way to be serviceable to others through the ministry.

Curtis Mulder

Board Member/Secretary
 I love growing, cooking, and eating food.  That is why I love working as a chef at Hope College.  I also love the Lord and His Church.  I'm passionate about connecting churches and communities to further His Kingdom.  Harvest has been a great way for me to connect each of these passions and serve the Lord! 
My wife Alicia and I have been married for 7 years.  She has been a vegetarian for the last 3 years and is currently studying to be a health coach.  We love fresh produce and want to help connect others to better food and better health.  We look forward to harvesting with you!

Matt Peters

Board Member
I work at EPS security as a lead service tech. My wife, Tara and I have 6 kids, 3 girls and 3 boys. Their names are Molly, Shiloh, Elijah, Ezekiel, Levi, and Olivia.  In my free time I enjoy 4wheeling. 

Paul Wechter

Board Member
I work at Billco Products in production and as a driver. I am married, and my wife and I have two sons who are also married and live in, Texas, and Kentucky, respectively. We are also grandparents, which is exciting. I enjoy working with other people. I want to see God's will done in all areas of life. I would like to serve in any way possible, and help in any way I can, to fulfill the mission of Harvest of Generosity, and fulfill God's call on my life.