March 11th 10am-5:30pm

Speaker Abe Blodaum

Abe was born and raised in a small town in rural Iowa before heading to Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008. Since graduating from Bible school in 2010 Abe has served in a number of ministry capacities including extensive traveling and speaking in high schools, youth groups and college campuses across the country with a purity ministry. His heart and passion is to see young people fall in love with Jesus and ignite purity from the inside out. There's no greater joy than seeing young people walk in the fullness of all that God has for them. 


"Icris" (short for "I am a Christian") is a Christian Rap artist hailing from Ionia, Michigan who is using his unique gift of music, coupled with his amazing life story, to spread the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

Icris delivers his music in its most sincerest form and he holds nothing back; 
the raw truth that his life has been has made him the man he is today... 
a dedicated messenger of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Icris delivers his music in its sincerest form and he holds nothing back; the raw truth that his life has been has made him the man he is today... 
a dedicated messenger of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Icris' childhood was nothing short of tragic, and the fact that he is still alive is nothing short of miraculous.

Today, Christian Rap star Icris has touched the lives of thousands of fans of all races and backgrounds through his incredible music. He travels extensively throughout the United States, teaching, preaching and singing about the love and forgiveness of God, through the use of his music and his many life stories. 

Since the release of his first CD "Stereotype" in 2007, Icris has been able to grow his love for music into a worldwide "concert ministry", with CD sales, and saved souls, that numbers into the thousands. Icris' newest CD, "Why So Serious?", is capturing the ears, hearts and souls of fans all over the world. In this poignant CD, Icris tells the story of his tragic upbringing, and subsequent drug addiction and acts of violence, as well as the story of his miraculous transformation. The music of Icris is being featured in one of acclaimed director Joel Valleie's movies (Corazon De Campeon) and his music is receiving FM radio rotation all over the world, and is available for purchase on I-tunes and at select retailers.

Icris holds a degree in Biblical Studies and is the former Head of Jr. High Ministry for Resurrection Life Church in Ionia, Michigan. 
He is also the Founder and Head of Ministry for Secret Society Music Ministries.

Perfect Shelter Band

Perfect Shelter is made up of Christ followers. We're from all over West Michigan, and from all kinds of churches. But each of us are members of the same living, breathing Body. He's what holds us together. Jesus is more than enough.

Perfect Shelter is all about sharing the message of hope in Christ; and encouraging those who are following Him. We're all real- we screw up; we get worn down; we struggle. Because of this, we take refuge in the One who offers us perfect shelter. Join us! There's plenty of room.