Student Ministries

Harvest of Generosity is passionate about reaching students. We are only able to accomplish this through prayer and the working of the Holy Spirit. We are working on student ministries year round. We do this during the summer as well as during the annual purity conference. 

During the summer of 2014 we had three LIT's (Leaders in Training) that worked for Harvest of Generosity. It is our goal to give them the skills necessary to be a leader at what God has called them to do. 

Here is what our LIT's said about volunteering with us during the summer:

"Helping with Harvest of Generosity has been fun, enjoyable, and beneficial to me as a person. It has given me something productive to do this summer."

"I feel like this summer was a good to use my leadership skills. I think this summer I grew more as a leader. I won't let people put others down."

In 2014, we also have middle school and high school students join us approximately 3 times a week. Students come and work in the gardens, eat, play games, and/or volunteer at other non-profit organizations. 

Students in grades 6th-12th have the opportunity to be involved in throughout the summer. For more ways to get involved now please visit our students page